The Butterfly Friendly Garden-

Two Steps to Attract Butterflies

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Attracting butterflies to our garden is one of the most delightful goals in any landscape

One of the first signs of summer is the return of of the butterflies.

Attracting them to your garden and keeping them there is pretty easy if you know how.   

Follow our two butterfly attracting steps and you will enjoy your fluttery friends this summer, and for years to come!

To find information on the specific  plants that butterflies love, see our article,  Plants that Attract Butterflies.

Step One - A healthy garden attracts butterflies.
It’s worth a checkup to see if yours is providing for the needs of the butterfly.  These factors determine if you have what it takes for a butterfly friendly garden.  Does yours pass the test?

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monarch catepillar
Photo Credit:  Forest & Kim Starr

Step Two -

If you plan it, they will come.

If you plan on providing a permanent home for butterflies then the type of plants you choose is very important. 

A variety of plants and habitat features are important when attracting, and keeping butterflies.   

Start out with a survey of your property and decide where and how the following needs will be best met.

The North American Butterfly Association and Butterflies and Moths of North America  has an interactive maps with extensive information on butterflies.


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