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English Cottage Garden
English Cottage Garden
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So how do you find your personal style?  Here are a few pointers.

Spend time looking at pictures of gardens.  Often local landscape contractors will post pictures of completed gardens.  This will give you a variety of styles to look at, and think over.  Each designer, including you has their signature look.  You can shop for ideas for free and be as lavish a looker as you like.

Look at other gardens when you are out and about.  When you find gardens you admire and can envision in your own yard.  You will find yourself drawn to certain looks.  You can take a picture on your cell phone or make a quick sketch to remind you later.  The more you do this, the more your personal style preference will begin to emerge.


Be sure to keep the scale of your home and the amount of time you want to spend in the garden in mind when shopping for style. Large formal gardens are grand and inviting, but will that kind of look complement your home and fit your lifestyle?  An easy maintenance style may be more your cup of tea.


Remember to keep your sustainable goals in mind.  Getting carried away by extravagant gardens full of exotic plants easy if you forget that going green, while easy to do, is sometimes directly opposed to certain current gardening practices.   Be on the lookout for gardens that reflect your sustainable values and still achieve style.

Expressing your personal garden style in your garden can be the best thing you could do to improve it visually.  That personal look and feel of your gardens will only help the unity and visual excitement as you bring them to life in flowers. 




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