Garden Style and You

Does your garden lack that certain something, but you just can’t put your finger on it?

Perhaps your garden is missing style.  A garden reflects the personality of the gardener in much the same way as home decor reflects those who live there. 

What you think of as a beautiful in your mind may not match what is currently happening in your garden, though. 

It’s easy to have a hodgepodge of a little of this and a little of that with so many possibilities at our fingertips these day.  What is needed is a focus and a plan.

Perking up your garden can be an easy two step process.

First, understanding how you approach the world will help determine what garden style fits you best.  Then along with that information, keeping your architecture in mind will help you mold your style to match your home.

Are you someone fond of neat rows and symmetrical plantings?  A formal garden will be your goal.

Do you like a bit of whimsy in with the flowers?  You may be in the market for a theme garden

Is a sweeping vista with a profusion of flowers and grasses in your dream garden?  A prairie garden may be just the ticket.   

There are garden styles to meet every heart’s desire.  All you have to do is find yours. 

Second, be prepared for Ch, Ch, Changes
Often existing flower beds are straight lines parallel to the house, too close and too crowded. 

Digging up some lawn area may be required to soften and enlarge the garden spaces.  Bringing in boulders or other large elements are going to make statements.  That’s often a decision that must be shared with others you live with. 

Start getting with bringing others on board by sharing your vision slowly.  Get feedback and  input from those who will need to live with your changes.  In the meantime you can be hunting around for the perfect garden style.

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