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There are many reasons to want to grow a greener garden.  Sustainable practices in the garden use less water, generate less waste and make better use of the time, place, space and resources that you have. 

Here are some of the many easy and fun green techniques that will substantially benefit the health of your garden and reduce any negative impacts to the environment.

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Build Healthy Soil 

Robert Rodale, one of the fathers of organic farming and gardening, is often quoted as saying, "Feed the soil and it will feed the crop.”  Nothing feeds your soil better than homemade compost.

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Selecting Your Garden Plants 

A healthy garden starts with healthy plants. Meeting their growth requirements are as important to plants as a healthy home is to you. Make sure the plants you pick will thrive where you plant them.

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Water Wise Gardening

Water conservation is a cornerstone of green gardens. Learn how you can save water, save money, and go easy on the environment, too.

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Pesticide Free Zone

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Organic Gardening

Pure and natural. When it comes to going green nothing beats the organic garden. And nothing could be easier. It’s easy when you know how.

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Japaneese Beetle

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Pest Prevention 

You don’t have to settle for wormy apples or ragged foliage. Integrated pest management has been helping green gardeners to keep the bugs away, the sustainable way.

It’s safe…and easy

Monarch Butterfly

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Invite Some Helpers 

Nature has her own ways of dealing with the unlovely and the unwanted. Learn how to invite beneficial creatures, and let them help you help your garden.

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