Growing Green in the City


One of the problems of urban living today is the feeling of being cut off from the land and environment. 

Miles and miles of hard surfaces greet the eye in cities.  Green spaces are often limited to the infrequent park or street tree. Buildings overshadow our heads.  Our feet rarely tread unpaved earth. 

Urban cores have become the land of vertical living.   Most apartment dwellers don’t have even a small patch of bare earth to call their own.   Open space is at a premium and owners of every square foot strive to maximize income from it.


A Tall Challenge

Urban gardening is certainly not new – urban gardens have existed as long as cities have, but the scale of the architecture has changed dramatically in the last 100 years. This poses modern challenges because modern high rise development dominates, and sometimes defines, our urban landscape. 

Today’s city is way out of proportion to the height of the natural world, and gardens have often gone the way of the 5 story apartment building due to lack of space and lack of sunlight.  

This is a fact of city dwelling and the human spirit has often been diminished by this environmental deprivation.  However, the good news is that people are proactively looking for, and finding, new ways to green up their urban environments these days.  


As our cities get bigger and our urban cores spread ever wider, interest in urban gardening and agriculture has grown. 

There is a renewed interest in turning our often stark city landscapes into greener, more beautiful and more rewarding places to live and work. 

The permaculture movement is encourgaing food production right in the urban enviroment.  It's not unusual to see chickens as well as gardens sprouting up in a permaculture situation.

As more and more people in our world move to cities, the key to keeping a connection with the environment is changing the face of urban gardening. 

It’s a natural next step in the greening of our environment.  

Check out some of the latest ways city gardeners are reclaiming the right to be green and how you can to it, too.


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