Victory Gardens, Revisited

Victory Garden Poster


Victory Gardens are a part of Americana that is worth revisiting.  During WWI and WWII the government needed to address food, fuel and transportation shortages, as well as bolster moral in the civilian population. 

Victory Gardens were a major weapon in the war effort on the home front.  Growing or at least buying local produce was the thrust of this program. 

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt led by example, establishing a victory garden at the White House. 

Victory gardens were enormously successful.  In WWII alone, about 40% of the national vegetable supply was being grown by 20 million Americans.  


Fast Forward to the 21st Century
World War II is long gone, but with every age comes new challenges.  Today, in the 21st century there is a real struggle going on to reclaim the right to healthy, natural food, increase self-sufficiency and implement sustainability.

Why are Victory Gardens making a comeback? Here are some modern food facts:

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