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Grass roots efforts are reviving the victory garden concept. All over the country, in city, suburb and rural areas sustainable vegetable gardens are springing up.  It is such an important movement that again, a First Lady leads by example.  Michelle Obama has started a kitchen garden at the White House to emphasize the many healthful and environmental benefits of home grown, fresh produce.


Benefits of Victory Gardens

When it comes to victory garden benefits, the list is long. Saving money is one, for example.  Currently tomatoes on the vine have been about $2.49/lb. at the grocery. 

Vine TomatoesPhoto Credit: David Parkin/ Phoenix Permaculture Guild

Growing your own tomatoes costs less than $.10/lb.  You don’t even have to do the math to see that’s a savings of about 250%.  

Another good reason to have a victory garden is that healthful, natural food as close as your backyard, or balcony is available without harmful chemicals or biotechnical manipulation. 

You don’t add to pollution, but instead give back to the earth.   You are reducing dependence on foreign oil, reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and growth hormones on the land.

On top of all that, it feels great to grow your own.  A connection with the living earth is something from which almost everyone benefits.  Victory gardening is great, low impact, aerobic exercise, and most of us can use a little more of that.

So What Can I Do To Have A Victory Garden?

Your personal victory can be establishing your garden.  A victory garden can be whatever you want or need it to be. 

Autumn Harvest VegetablesPhoto Credit: Janet Luke/ Phoenix Permaculture Guild

All you need is a bit of space, light and water.  With new technologies there are vertical and hydroponic gardens that can be used even in the smallest urban apartments. 

You can find community gardens you can join, or you might want to spearhead one for your neighborhood. 

You can dig up some of that backyard lawn that gives you little more than one more unproductive chore. 

You can intersperse vegetables with flowers in your front garden. 

The ways are endless, but the results will be fresher, tastier, healthier food that is kind to your wallet, body and planet.


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