Garden Sharing –
The “I’m Too Busy to Garden” Gardening Solution

Have you ever longed for the satisfaction and health benefits of your own fresh grown vegetables but felt you just couldn’t spare the time or expense of such a project?   You could join or start a community garden, but there is another alternative—garden sharing.   Whether it’s a suburban backyard plot, the unused lower 40,  a shared balcony or a space in a larger community garden, garden sharing can bring a bountiful harvest to your table and the satisfaction of knowing you are eating well, building community and contributing to the greening the environment.

Garden Sharing is a hybrid of the social networking scene and the larger community garden concept, made more manageable by the intended smallness of the interaction, since it’s usually, but not necessarily, comprised of fewer than four people. 

Some people have land, but not time, some people have time but not land…and getting the two together is the goal.  Sharing land, expenses and responsibilities with another compatible gardener enables many time and resource strapped people turn a gardening opportunity into a reality.  The question is, how to find a garden sharing partner or two.

According to there are five steps to successful garden sharing

The good folks at have made it easy to find a garden buddy to share the load.  It’s an easy, safe and fun way for gardeners to find some land and for the land to become productive.  Check out their site at

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