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Notre Dame Gargoyle
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When it comes to statues, angels and gargoyles are the beloved guardians of the landscape and garden that have been passed down through the ages.  These figures made their first appearance in the landscape when they were used in Gothic architecture.  Cathedrals and other grand buildings were adorned with these creative figures, both as useful fixtures and visual teaching media  in an age when reading was rare. 

Gargoyles were originally waterspouts designed to carry stormwater safely off the roof of the tall buildings.  High above the ground, gargoyles looked down on man below.  Eventually they became mere adornment, but gargoyles have persisted in outdoor décor, mainly as statues such as we find here. 


Gargoyle statues have always sparked something of a controversy over the years, with differing views on just what purpose they serve.  Some say gargoyles ward off evil spirits, some say they are evil idols and some say as statues, gargoyles are just plain fun!

Angels on the other hand usually typify protection, purity and peace.  As opposed to gargoyles, which are purposefully grotesque, statues of angels most often depict beautiful humanlike forms with wings.

Angel statues are considered representations of spiritual beings of goodness.  In Gothic architecture they guarded doorways and porticos, and were carved on the supporting columns. 

A statue of an in your garden or landscape brings thoughts of the beauties of nature protected from harm. 


As ancient as they are symbolic, gargoyle and angel statues are they still hold enchantment for the modern eye.  Whether by whimsy or authenticity, these angels and gargoyles will certainly bring a classic feel to your outdoor décor.  The garden or in the wider landscape of your home.


Here are some of the most charming angels and gargoyles to spark your imagination.  

Reclining Garden Gargoyle Garden Statuary
Reclining Garden Gargoyle Garden Statuary




Each casting is created in durable, long lasting stone; hand cast and individually finished. Coloring and shading variations will occur from the image shown. For indoor or outdoor use; store inside during the winter months




Gargoyle Head Planter

Gargoyle Head Planter

Handmade solid cast stone - Introduced in 2007, this original sculpture has quickly become a popular choice. This hideous creature has all the beautiful features we cherish in Gargoyles. Horns, warts and tongue, sounds like a witches brew. This head planter is yearning to receive a trans-plant and have its hair dressed for all seasons, especially Halloween. Use it indoors as well as outdoors. - Suggested plant size is 6" and container is plumbed for direct planting. - Hand crafted in America of solid cast-stone (concrete) made with integrated coloring and is sealed for outdoor use. - Original Garden Art by Michael Gentilucci.




Attakus Gargoyle Statue

Attakus Gargoyle Statue

Attakus Gargoyle Statue. The Attakus Collection has always provided the highest quality busts and statues with the greatest detail and this Gargoyle statue is no exception! The statue features a fierce-looking gargoyle perched atop a pillar, ready to attack anyone who dares to cross its path. This great-looking statue stands 9-inches tall and is limited to only 1,111 pieces worldwide!

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