Angels and Gargoyles — Statues
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We looked at the grotesque, and the boogie man should be scared!  Now on to the serene.



Angel Kneeling Garden Statue

Angel Kneeling Garden Statue


Humbly kneeling in worship, this garden angel brings a spirit of reverence to complement any garden.

A cast resin construction makes this exquisitely crafted angel easy to move, and able to always laugh at the weather.

Angel of Grief Monument Statue

Can anything be more poignant?

Seeking solace in prayer this delicate angel features exquisite details inspired from the work of William Wetmore Story, an American Sculptor in memory of his wife, Emelyn. 

This estate quality version is inscribed with the raised letter message “The bud was spread to show the rose our Saviour smiled the bud was closed. Anon”

Crafted from designer resin, this angel brings Victorian elegance and grace to honor those lost and celebrate the ones we love today.


Fegana Angel Statue

Antique Stone Fegana Angel Statue

The Fregana Angel is inspired by sculpture from turn of the century Russian Empire art in the city for which it is named.

Lovingly recreated in a mix called Fiberstone, (fiberglass mixed together with sand and stones) each piece is handcrafted with no two exactly alike. The

Each exquisite piece is handcrafted from Fiber Stone, which is fiberglass mixed with stones and sand. The course materials are cast outside the figure and hand painted, giving the appearance of antique weathered stone. Stronger than concrete, this lovely angel is still light enough to move when necessary.

This is a unique piece of artwork art which can be finished in your choice of four different textures to bring beauty to your garden for years to come

32” high.


Life's Mysteries Cherub Statue

Childlike wonder and curiosity are revealed in this cherub sculputre. Captured perfectly in designer resin, the intricate details of this enchanting angel are revealed.

Inspecting his tiny snail, he inspires us to remember the simple pleasures of nature. His chubby cuteness will bring a little extra joy to your outdoor decor.


The Bergama Renaissance Angel Statue

Bergama is a city in Turkey well known for its craftsmanship from the ancient Greek and Roman cultures down to today.  No wonder a statue of such exquisite detail and artistry was inspired there.   Acanthus ringed torch, delicate folds in the robe and the classically feathered wings  adorn this beautiful garden angel and provide an authentic replica of the original.

This version of the Bergama Angel, reminiscent of Renaissance splendor, makes a dramatic statement at courtyard entrance, garden pathway or patio.

The Bergama angels come in mirroring right and left statues to offer an opportunity for flanking doorways.  Add a pillar candle and they make a dramatic night accent.

The Bergama angel is cast in resin and models the original antique marble effect.
14"W x 25"D x 35"


Pompeii Standing Angel Praying Outdoor Statue

Pompeii Standing Angel Praying Outdoor Statue

Fashioned with old world craftsmanship,  this standing angel praying outdoor statue is hand finished in the ancient city or Pompeii.

 Created from fiberglass and stone, the cast work is then sandblasted, and receives a hand applied acid stain. 

The finished statue presents an antique stone look that will give the look and feel of ancient Roman sculpture. There are custom five finish options to customize your angel to match our outdoor décor.

7"W x 18.5"H


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