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Today’s eco-friendly power tools are very different than the first models from which we had to choose.   

We are now seeing a whole new cohort of clout from these next generation tools for your landscape and garden tasks.  When eco-friendly power tools first appeared on the market, the best way to describe them was politically correct, but expensive and wimpy.   They just didn’t have the oomph to match their polluting, energy hungry counterparts.  No longer is this the case. 

You can now own environmentally friendly, zero emission power tools for lawn care, landscape maintenance and garden chores.  There are tools for every season and every reason.  Lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, snow blowers— there are even combo tools that make your selection of eco-friendly power tools even more versatile. 

Gasoline guzzling power tools are passé

Gas guzzling, polluting tools are a thing of the past if you choose eco-friendly power tools.  Weeding, seeding, blowing or mowing… you name it and there is a next generation eco-friendly product to meet the need. 

Replacing your old landscape and garden power tools with new environmentally products is an easy decision to make.  The new, stronger power available and environmental benefits are reasons enough, but there are more, like saving money.

Did You Know?

Exposure to loud noise accounts for hearing loss in about one third of the 30 million those suffering from hearing impairment in the United States alone.

Additionally, over 30 million more are exposed to hazardous noise levels on a daily basis.

Being consistently exposed to noise from 2 stroke gasoline powered engines has been shown to cause hearing loss.

Eco-friendly tools are typically less expensive to buy gas powered tools.  Since they don’t require gasoline and oil, they are cheaper to run.  These tools require less maintenance saving you both time and money.

Another good reason to go green with eco-friendly landscape and garden power tools is noise.  Noise is a big problem with traditional gasoline powered tools.  They run at about 85 decibels or more.  This is loud enough to cause hearing loss without protection. Since they are not generating their own power, eco-friendly power tools are much quieter.  Who can argue with that?  Most of these tools do not require hearing protection, except power hungry tools like chain saws.

Have you ever felt you would break your back trying to start your gas powered tools?  You won’t have that problem with easy starting electric or propane powered tools.  A flick of the switch is all that is required to start most of the eco-friendly models.

With all these benefits it is easy to see that now is the time to make the change to eco-friendly landscape and garden power tools. 

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