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6 Tips for Ergonomic, Less Pain Gardening  & 15 Fantastic Ergonomic Garden Tools for Cutting, Cultivating and More

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America is gardening, ergonomically!

Using ergonimic tools is helping us keep on the job longer, with less effort and strain. Working in the garden has become one of the major hobbies in the United States and good for us. There is one little drawback, though. Body aches and pains. Using ergonomic tools can help you avoid strain and injury.

There are two reasons for this. Gardening requires range of motion and repetitive motion.

Ergonomic tools are designed to assist us with both for a more pleasant experience when doing garden and landscape chores.

While there are many adaptive ergonomic tools for special needs gardening, ergonomically designed tools are not just for the Geritol Generation. As a postindustrial society we don’t get the same range of motion exercise we once did.  Ergonomic equipment helps do the work for us.

Gardening is a whole body activity, though, requiring use of muscles throughout their entire range. Ergonomic tools are the remedy for increasing this range of motion.  Workouts at the gym rarely address this type of body design need. Consequently, when we go out to garden we often come back in sore.

Additionally, gardening also often requires that we do small motion tasks over and over, such as when weeding. This requires the same muscle and joint groups to repeatedly work to provide force. Using an ergonomic tool reduces injury caused by repetitive motion.

This repetitive motion or motion frequently performed out of alignment can cause Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD), which is a growing problem.

In order to combat these trend people are turning to ergonomically designed tools. Everyone who gardens will love the comfort, ease of use and increased stamina that ergonomic tools provide.

By design, ergonomic tools keep the body part being used in a neutral position. What this does is to align the tool and the body while reducing stress and strain on joints and muscles. Ergonomically designed tools also require use less force to do the same amount of work, so less likelihood there is of sustaining CTD injury.

Good ergonomic tools offer:

Six Pointers on How to Avoid Injury

Without the proper tools every gardener knows that garden success is so much more difficult, if not impossible.

We have been shopping around for the very best in ergonomic tools for almost every activity in the landscape and garden.  Here are some recommendations for fifteen excellent ergonomic tools on the market today.  You will find them at better garden centers or online at sites as MasterGardening.com.

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Sitting Pretty — Ergonomic Garden Seats

Garden Rocker Stool

Vertex Garden Rocker Stool 

The Vertex Garden Rocker Stool looks like it comes straight out of a Hobbit house, but don’t let the fanciful design fool you, it’s a workhorse in disguise.

This little gem is packed with ergonomic features for reducing lower back strain. 

The contoured seat is adjustable to your height and the patented base allows full range of motion. 

Reach out comfortably in any direction while seated!

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Tractor Style Gardening SeatTractor Style Gardening Seat

This dandy rolling garden seat lets you sit to do those back breaking jobs. Forget bending, kneeling, stooping or squatting, now you can scoot over and garden with complete comfort.

A 360 swivel seat gives you full range of motion in any direction. The handy tray keeps your tools at your fingertips right under the seat.

Chores in the yard or greenhouse can be fun again! As with all ergonomic tools, let this well-constructed garden seat do the work, so you don’t have to. Let the Tractor Style Gardening Seat caddy you from task to task, and watch your ‘grow power’ bloom.

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Can You Dig It?  Ergonomic Cultivating Tools for Every Body.

Easi-Grip Long Reach Cultivator Set

Easi-Grip Long Reach ForkEver wish you could do less bending over when you are cultivating? 

The Easi-Grip Long Reach Cultivator Set lets you do just that.  You can even garden sitting down with the extra long extended reach.

The slip resistant hand grip design allows more of your body to help do the work, instead of just your hands --and the more the merrier when it comes to less strain on body parts.

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Radius Garden Tool Set

Radius Garden Tools


The revolutionary Radius Garden Tool Set may be the last set of hand cultivators you ever own! 

The unique ergonomic design maximizes power and reduces strain for hours of pain free cultivating in the landscape and garden.

The balanced set includes a cultivator, bulb trowel, trowel, and weeder.  Radius tools are made of professional quality heat tempered stainless steel for extra strength and a long life.  The ultra-light design makes work a breeze and the circular grip applies torque in all the right places to do more of the work for you.


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Easi-Grip Add-On Handles For Garden Tools,
Pack of 2

Easi-Grip Add-On Handles For Garden Tools, Pack of 2Convert your hard to use, but already purchased,  garden tools to an ergonomic design with these Easi-Grip Add-On Handles.  Definitely a sustainable plus!

Fit these handy handles to long handled brooms, rakes and hoes, or regular cultivator hand tools.  Less stooping, stretching and twisting and straining means you will enjoy more pain free hours of work in the garden and landscape. 

Also available, adjustable arm cuff for additional adaptability.

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Pivot Tool Set III 9pc

Pivot Tool Set III 9pc

Talk about complete!  Gardening has never been easier.  These innovative and functional tools use ergonomic design to provide more power where it counts, and much less strain on your body.
Interchangeable cast aluminum parts fit the molded handle  for virtually every gardening chore that uses hand held tools.

Ergonomic Design – Fully adjustable pivot handles adjust to your body’s needs – Power applied where it is needed – Lightweight Cast Aluminum Heads
Easy to grip Pivot Tool Set III includes:

Pivot handle 16” Extension Handle
Leverage Cuff Cultivator
Trowel Transplanter
Pruning Saw V Claw

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Cut it Out -  Ergonomically

One Great Saw, Hedge Shear, Scissors, and Other Stuff to Slice through Heavy Garden Chores in a Flash!


Corona HS3930 Extendable Handle Hedge Shear

Corona HS3930 Extendable Handle Hedge Shear


Hedge pruning just got easier.  These Corona Extendable Handle Hedge Shears are the perfect tool for giving your shrubs a much needed clip.  How ergonomic are they?  Let us count the ways—

Lightweight aluminum handles
Extendable, so you don’t have to reach as far
Ergonomic grips for comfort
Padded bumper handles make hanging on easier than ever. 
Trimming and shaping are a breeze with the narrow tipped blades. 

The High carbon blades are heat tempered for strength, durability and flexibility.  
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15" Hand-Held Circle Hoe


The Original Circle Hoe ‘Move Weeds - Not Soil’ 
This little tool is a cultivating genius!  Cut and cultivate without accidentally damaging plants. 

The unique design makes work easier and less stressful because the powerful cutting action does only what you want – cutting.  Forget flat blade hoes that move the soil and make more work.   

Reach into tight spots with precision.  Aerate soil for healthier, more productive plants.  Pull, not push the tool, and eliminate weeds in a flash without undue strain on the joints.
Say goodbye to weed sprays, because the Circle Hoe goes where no other has gone before. 

Choose a hand held or upright model.

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Fiskars PowerGear Anvil Pruner

Fiskars PowerGear Anvil Pruner

With its award winning** design, the Fiskars PowerGear Anvil Pruner, packs a lot of punch into a compact, easy to use cutting monster.

The unique handle rolls as it follows your hand’s grip and motion, keeping your body in a neutral position, for less strain and no pain.   The patented gear design gives you the leverage where you need it most.

Without a doubt, this is ergonomics at its finest! 

**Winner of the Arthritis Foundation's Ease-of-Use Commendation

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Oxo Good Grip Garden Scissors

Oxo Good Grip Garden Scissors

What’s a good pair of scissors worth?  Everything! 

Whether you are practicing integrated pest management by cutting off those bad bugs, or deadheading faded blossoms, these Oxo Good Grip Garden Scissors are the perfect tool for the job.

The comfortable GEL-E Handle absorbs the excess energy you apply and sends it to the cutting surface not back into your hands.
Serrated Stainless Steel blades lock for safety and easy storing. 


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Felco Folding Saw F-600


No more tugging or pulling on a saw stuck in branches. Felco’s 6 inch blade is a special patented design that makes quick work of saw many chores (sorry!). 

The shape of the blade is thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom - where the teeth are. The result a unique action where the saw’s  teeth are only in contact with the cutting surface.   The sides of the blade do not make contact with the wood, preventing the blade from binding, sticking or clogging. 

The Felco Folding Saw will easily cut branches up to 4” in diameter.  With a compact 14 inches overall length and an easy ergonomic grip you can tackle heavy trimming easily.   

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Water with Me, Easily –

Ergonomic Accessories for Watering Jobs in Your Yard and Garden.

5 Liter Dramm Watering Can

5 Liter Blue Dramm Watering Can

Beauty and balance are the hallmarks of this superior, Swiss designed, watering can. 

Perfect or both indoor and outdoor use the 5 liter capacity is just right for those hand watering chores –without wearing out your hands. 

The extra long water spout and ergonomic circle handle give you a long reach and an easy, balanced grip. 


Choose your favorite color and sprinkle your way to responsible irrigation today.

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Nelson High Pressure Industrial Nozzle


Need a reliable, easy to use hose nozzle?  This baby is a straight shooter! 

The Nelson High Pressure Nozzle is a dream to hold and adjust.  The front trigger has a non-slip surface and an ergonomic full hand grip.

Easily adjustable, the easy to hold nozzle is ready for any water warrior job. 


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Powerwind Hose Reel

Powerwind Hose Reel

No more bending over to grapple with a messy, unruly snake of a hose.  With the tap of a toe the Suncast Powerwind hose reel  winds up to 100' of 5/8’ hose, neat as a pin, into the bin. 

With a lifting lid for easy hose access and a tilt out bin for accessories, the Powerwind is the easy solution to your hose storage problems. 

Sustainable power provided by a 12 Volt SLA rechargeable battery and charger unit (included), with a backup crank.

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