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How to Build a Vertical Garden –
Patrick Blanc Style (continued)

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DIY Basics

Decide how you will irrigate your vertical garden. Internal irrigation is easy if you use drip hose and couplings that can be purchased at any garden supply

Think about support. To be sustainable you will want your vertical garden to be stable in all kinds of weather and sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the plants and medium.

After you have decided on these, sketch out your ideas with dimensions. You will have an easier time estimating your materials. It’s also the sustainable way to save yourself time, money and headaches later.

You can use any untreated wood for the frame. Cedar and redwood are good sustainable choices because of their superior ability to resist rot.

Gather your materials and tools in advance so you know you have what you need for the job before you begin.

After you construct the frame, lightly pack your growing medium into each cell. Tamp down the medium and add more if needed to fill the cell.

Cover the entire frame with geotextile. You want the cover to be tight to keep the medium in place. Staple in place around the frame edges and the interior cell partitions.

Cut a small X in the middle of the cell to plant your seedlings or small plants. If you are growing vegetables keep in mind how heavy the produce will be. Some have successfully grown pumpkins in a vertical garden, but the frame has to be very sturdy or the plant needs to be near the bottom to support the weight.

Vine crops such as tomatoes and beans will be happy if you can provide trellises or other support to climb on. These can be at an angle away from the frame, or a lattice arrangement to the side if you plant your climbers on the outside cells.

Water as necessary to maintain even moisture.


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Vertical Garden Videos

Patrick Blanc, Vertical Garden interview in Paris - The master botanist / designer himself discusses his innovations.  Entire building faces are covered with vertical gardens.

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Vertical Gardening – A fantastic informative clip with beautiful urban applications.  This video has an excellent segment on building your own vertical garden on a budget with step by step how to tips.


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