How to Successfully Start Seeds Indoors

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The most sustainable and cost effective way to grow flowers and vegetables is to start your own from seed, as long as you successfully get them from see to ground.  No one likes to put in a lot of work and get back nothing but headaches.  but those are not the only benefits.

Even if you never have done this before you will find the process easy and exciting if you follow a few simple procedures.  For some great seed starting videos check these out, too. 

One word on recycling containers.  Make sure to soak them in a bleach solution of 1 tablespoon bleach to one gallon of water overnight to insure a sterile start for your seeds.

Here are some good videos that will give you some additional pointers for successfully starting your seeds indoors.  Each one gives a different take on how to get going.  As you will see there is not just one way to start your seeds.  Find your style, and keeping the above points in mind, you will successfully start your seeds indoors.

An Excellent Beginner Step by Step How to—


Basic Getting Started:

Good Tips for Seed Starting:

Geared to warmer winter climates

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