Seven Steps to Plan for a Do-It-Yourself Sustainable Permeable Concrete Paver Patio (continued)

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Plan for Patio Excavation
Grading for your patio is essential for protecting your house foundation and eliminating those all too frequent low spots where water tends to pool, as well as keeping the patio in top shape.

Several factors decide how deep you will dig your patio foundation.
Existing Utilities – Call Miss Utility, 811, or the utility locator in your area a minimum of 3 days before digging, but the earlier the better for other parts of your plan.
Drainage -   Your patio will need to drain a minimum of 1% slope away from the house to keep water moving in the right direction.  
Climate – Winter freeze and thaw is another important factor.  Heaving can be eliminated if you check the frost line and dig your patio subgrade below this depth.  Your cooperative extension agent will have this information for your area.

Plan for Patio Materials
See the construction detail below for the proper materials you need to insure you install a sustainable permeable paver patio.  Depending on the results of your soil test, you may need additional materials for proper drainage.  See further details at

Permeable Paver Construction Detail

Permeable Paver Construction Detail
Reprinted with permission, NAHB Research Center, Upper Marlboro, MD


Plan for Patio Building Equipment
You will need the following equipment to build your patio in the most efficient, therefore sustainable, manner:

Plan for Labor

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