10 Tips for Going – and Growing Green In Your Garden and Landscape 

“Aren’t all gardens green?”  It seems a simple question.  As hard as it is to believe, the answer is a resounding “No!.”  It might be comforting to assume that our outdoor efforts in beautification are beneficial to nature, but it’s safe to say that the way we garden and landscape has been greatly influenced by advertising of commercial enterprises that don’t take the environmental impact of their products into consideration. It’s sad to say, but many gardens today are as detrimental to the environment as pouring used motor oil in a storm drain.  No doubt about it, our gardens and landscapes need to go green.

Going green in the garden isn’t about growing greener plants; it is all about being environmentally responsible with our land and it’s resources.  Whether you call it green gardening, GreenScaping, or just being smart… what better place to start your personal green initiative than in your own garden and landscape? 

Greening your garden and landscape can be  easy when you take a few simple steps, but remember, making a start is the first and most important step.   

Here are some important tips to get you going, and growing, in the right direction.

  1. Plan First, Reap (More) Later
  2. Water Wisely
  3. It's Raining Money. Collect Rainwater
  4. Get Lawn Depression
  5. Compost Yourself
  6. Go Native (with plants, that is)
  7. Remember your Heritage…Avoid GMO Seeds
  8. Weed Me, Feed Me... Properly!
  9. Mulch, Mulch, Mulch
  10. The New Fab Four - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rebuy




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