Five Simple Ways Going Green

In Your Garden And Landscape

Can Help You Save Money

Most people are finding it necessary to cut back these days. Making a difference for the environment means making a difference for your family budget.  You can reduce the cost of starting and maintaining your landscape and garden and at the same time make your home friendly to the environment just by following some simple green practices.

  • Small Changes Can Lead To Dramatic Savings.

Three properly placed shade trees reduce annual energy use for cooling your home 10 to 50 percent.  It’s just one example of easy steps you can take that prove this vital principle: Little changes add up to big impacts. Apply the same idea in your landscape or garden and watch the savings grow.

  • Use Less, Save More.

Green Landscapes and Gardens make use of this simple financial strategy better than anyone: Reduce costs by reducing consumption. You can start keeping your supply costs down by specifically targeting overuse.  Water, pesticides and fertilizer are examples of expenses that can be significantly reduced by going green.

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Makes Good Cents.

Yes, it’s true. You can lower your landscape and gardening costs with a little creativity.  Composting your landscape and garden waste, reusing building materials, and grasscycling are just a few examples of using the 3R’s to lower costs and significantly improve your garden and landscape. 

  • Planning First Is Cheap.  

Planning before planting is one rule of thumb you won’t want to neglect.  Heading into a project without properly planning is almost inviting overspending both time and money initially, not to mention poor results that later need to be fixed.  Knowing and using some planning basics will insure you get your landscape and garden off to the right start.

  • It Doesn’t Cost A Thing To Try Green.

You have nothing to lose by taking the first step toward greening your garden and landscape.  Start slowly and see for yourself how each small step yields savings and environmental benefits.


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