Going and Growing Green In Your Garden and Landscape

Tip #2 : Water Wisely

Sustainable gardens and landscapes still need water!  The question is how to best manage this with so many areas facing water restrictions.  It becomes immediately clear that going and growing green in your landscape and garden requires new thinking about water for your plants.  Just turning on the sprinkler isn’t always an option nowadays.  Some things to remember.

  • Avoid over watering   Find out what your lawn and garden requirements are, then stick to a watering schedule. 
  • Consider drip irrigation.  Drip irrigation or soaker hoses allow water to slowly be introduced into the garden or landscape.  This significantly reduces runoff since the water soaks into the ground slowly.
  • Your watering can can be an eco-friendly tool, so use it.  It directs the water where it needs to go, allows the water to be turned off when not in use,  and because it’s weighty, you will remember to use water more wisely.   
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