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Tip #3: It’s Raining Money.  Collect Some Rainwater!

Save money with rain barrels and cisterns! Collecting rainwater just makes sense. It’s free water to use in the landscape and garden, it’s untreated with chemicals, and your plants will just love it. The old rain barrel was a staple in bygone days, and with good reason. Back in the day, folks didn’t count on turning on a tap and finding an endless supply of water.  Saving the water insured a supply even if it got dry.  It’s time we took a lesson from our forbearers.


We are facing problems today that make it clear that water is still precious, so losing all the water that falls from the skies seems like such a waste. Besides, that stormwater is the source of so many problems.  Stormwater runoff is full of toxins and biological waste such as from pets.  This goes right into the water supply.  Another problem is the velocity of water leaving your property.  Because of all the pavement and other impervious surfaces, the water gets to the stream too quickly, causing erosion and sedimentation. 

These are both detrimental to water quality and aquatic life. The water you save on your property can significantly impact your water bills…and our fresh water supplies. 


Rain barrels and cisterns come in so many different kinds and prices these days.  It’s easy for practically anyone to afford and collect their falling waters, while being as stylish or practical as you wish.


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