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When undertaking any construction on a wooded lot, going green in the landscape means the subject of existing trees becomes a big issue. Trees, their role in the landscape, and the real costs associated with removing them requires some reconsideration in the light of sustainability.

Tree removal, is a common practice in new home construction. For the builder, it’s more cost effective. For the homeowner, it is costly to remedy. For the environment, it is a disaster.

Existing Home Landscape Construction

Since tree removal is standard practice in the construction industry, it carries over to existing home landscape construction.

No matter if you are building a patio or pool, a deck or a driveway, cost is always an important consideration. In an effort to save money, the most expedient method is sometimes thought to be the most cost effective. The problem is forgetting real costs on the back end from taking out existing trees.

What’s happening to the soil that once covered the land, and how much will it cost to replace it? What takes the place of the trees that give shade, reduce energy expenditure and reduce pollution on your property? Is this considered in the budget? What kind of problems are you going to cause to the property drainage? Will new water patterns require further excavation on your property? If so, then don’t forget to factor that in, also.

These are important issues and will be costly to fix, long after the contractor is finished with the project.

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