Greener Water Feature Benefits

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Water features have traditionally been known to provide cooling, long before the advent of air conditioning. Water evaporates on a hot day, draws heat energy from the surrounding area and produces measurable cooling.

A properly sized and situated water feature can cool the ambient temperatures around your home and outdoor recreation areas, especially in dry areas by as much as 20 degrees. This will save energy on air conditioning. You may find spend you more time being active in the outdoors to boot.

So what might a sustainable water feature look like? Man-made pond systems almost always have to potential to be sustainable if they include roughly the same balance of elements as in the natural eco-system. Circulating water, native plants, native wildlife access, and natural filtration provided by sand and rocks will give years of pleasure with just a bit of routine maintenance. As an added bonus, every square foot occupied by a pond is one less needing lawn cover. You can save the money you would otherwise spend on maintaining the grass, and use less water than watering it.

This is only one type of sustainable water feature, but you are only limited by your imagination. Waterfalls with energy saving pumps, will splash water for that cooling evaporative effect. Even a small patio fountain can cool the surrounding area enough to let you forgo using a fan.

The beneficial physical and psychological benefits of water in the landscape are not disputed. If you keep low maintenance, reduced chemical intervention, low water use, energy saving and aesthetics in mind you can have a go green water feature for your landscape.

As with most things green, the answer to our question is yes. With a little creativity and a little adjustment of expectations, you can have your water and keep it, too.


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