Greening Your Landscape

Stretch Money


Save Money by Going Green

Learn five simple ways going green in your garden and landscape can help save you money.   It’s easier than you think.  See how…


Shaded House


Energy Conservation with Landscaping

You can use landscaping to conserve energy and control the cost of heating and cooling your home.  Save Energy.


Splashing Water


We all need water.

There’s no getting around it -- water is essential for all life.  How we use, or abuse, our water resources in the lawn and landscape are of concern for all.  Get the facts…

Lawn Mower


Lawns by the Numbers

How much lawn is enough, or should there be any lawn at all?  While there is much debate over the role traditional lawns play in the natural landscape , here are some interesting facts.




Preventing Erosion in the Landscape

Careless practices during landscape or home construction can be severely damaging to the land, soil, water and aquatic life when erosion is the result.  Learn how to prevent erosion.




Co-existing with Critters 

There’s no denying that landscape damage due to wild animals is expensive.  The question is how do you control animals to keep them from destroying your landscape and still be kind.  Here are some tips on controlling critters.



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