Landscape Lighting

For safety and beauty, adding outdoor lighting can be one of the most dramatic improvements you can add to your landscape and garden.

Today landscape lighting is often ignored by people going green because of concerns about light pollution and energy usage.  This can be a big mistake.  Properly lighting your landscape is a necessary and valuable expenditure. In fact current wisdom suggests allotting five percent of your overall landscape budget for lighting. 

Light at night provides not only security, but a chance to enhance your home’s warmth and appeal.   Advances in technology provide you the safety and security you want and allow you to responsibly illuminate your home so you can enjoy the many benefits of landscape lighting.

One of the first concerns in landscape lighting is  safety at night. Well designed, energy efficient landscape lighting will make you and your guests feel secure and safe at night.  Outdoor lighting provides freedom from worry about your guests safely finding their way, it deters would be trespassers and insures that just getting the trash out to the curb at night is not a hazardous journey.

Let’s not forget that landscape lighting can add drama, beauty and value to your home.  Well designed outdoor lighting, transforms your home into a spectacular showcase at night. New excitement is created with illuminated gardens, dramatically highlighted trees and sparkling  water features.  It’s an investment that pays off if you are selling your home, too. Accenting the positive elements in your landscape at night will significantly improve your curb appeal.

However, one of the biggest benefits of outdoor lighting is the sense of space it affords your home.  The warm and inviting views afforded by your landscape and gardens at night blur the boundary between inside and out with a little light in the landscape.  Subtly lighting your outdoor areas transforms them into outdoor rooms that will allow you and your family to enjoy more time outside, and you will be creating an elegant atmosphere for outdoor entertaining.

There is an art to outdoor lighting, and consulting a professional lighting designer is often the best place to start. They have the experience and access to architectural quality fixtures that insure your investment pays off.  A word of caution, though.  Be sure to emphasize that you are interested in sustainable lighting when you are conducting your search for a competent contractor.  Not all of them are focused on environmental concerns, nor using the latest in green technology. 

Of course, if you are doing it yourself, knowing some of the important design considerations will go a long way to helping you have striking outdoor lighting to enhance your home.

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