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With all the time pressures these days we often wish we could have a no maintenance landscape, but there really is no such thing.  Nature finds a way of taking over regardless of man’s best intentions. Let’s say you decided to plant boxes of green concrete in an effort to cut down on your maintenance, weeds would find their way into the smallest cracks, and voilà, you have to go pull weeds to keep it neat. 

The good news is there is no reason for you to give up on your dreams of a landscape you can love.  There are reasonable answers to sustainable landscape and garden maintenance, without spending so much time and money on a traditional landscape -- and Landscape and Garden Today is here to help.

Almost everyone enjoys looking at a well maintained landscape.  In fact, one measure of the worth of a home is it’s ‘curb appeal.’  Lush lawns, weed free gardens, winding walkways and stately trees all make a home more attractive, and expensive.  The problem comes maintaining all this grand growth.   The resources, in time, money and the natural environment, that traditional landscapes consume is considerable.  Finding low maintenance answers solves a myriad of problems.

One of the biggest traps can come from looking at the neighbors’ yards for ideas.  Keeping up with the Jonse's can get out of hand.  When it comes to competing with the neighbors, the landscape is often the first place to go overboard.

Why decide to install a landscape that requires a lot of extra maintenance?  By stopping to count the cost, to your pocketbook and the environment you will help keep maintenance to a minimum.

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