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Do you have a landscape or gardening question that’s been bothering you?  Are you looking for alternative ways to install your landscape, or a more environmentally friendly product for the garden?  Are you having a problem with a plant in your garden?  Do you want some pointers on planting trees or dividing your periennials?  Are you wondering if a plant will be hardy in your part of the country?  Or how to select someone to help with your damaged trees?  Landscape and Garden Today has provided this internet gateway for practical information on a wide variety of commonly asked questions. You might find the answer to what you are looking for here. 

We’ve gathered top resources and experts who have identified some of the most commonly asked questions and provided the latest answers.  Here is where you can find general information about plants and their requirements, and some strategies for finding plants native to your area as well as and helpful hints for eco-friendly management of  pests and diseases that you might find in your garden now. 

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Help! Where Do I Start?
Basic Plant Requirements
Garden Care
Landscaping Essentials
Tools of the Trade
Great Native Plant Alternatives
Shrubs for the Natural Landscape
Trees for the Natural Landscape
Edible Gardening
Where Can I Find Native Plant Nurseries
Integrated Pest Management
How to Maintain Permeable Paving
Water Wisdom for the Garden
Landscape Lighting the Eco-Friendly Way
Garden and Landscape Maintenance
Hardscapes – Retaining Walls, Patios, Walkways and More
Finding an Eco-Friendly Landscape Contractor
Selecting an Arborist

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