Lawns by the Numbers

Lawn Mower

It’s Saturday morning, and your eyes are barely open.  You’re feeling great.  It’s so peaceful and quiet.   The song of a bird drifts in your window…for a moment, anyway.  Then you hear it, the lawn brigade is out and about, striking up a band of steady thrumming mowers.  Man and machine are of one mind.  Get that grass cut! 

You know you have to go join them.  Lawn care is a fact of life.  Or is it?

Across the country, government officials and environmental advocates are educating homeowners on the high cost of the American Lawn.   They have some amazing facts about what the price tag, economically and environmentally, is on all that green grass really is.

What’s all the fuss about?  Here are some facts to consider:

Lawn Map

(Source:  US EPA , NASA)

If you have grass, lawn care is unavoidable, but how much lawn you have and how you maintain it are two areas to consider when you want to improve your sustainability.  Seeking some earth friendly alternatives will reduce the negative impact on the environment.  With a little rethinking you can have your lawn and still go green.

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