Marvelous Mycorrhizae

Do you often wonder about the effects that your lawn care has on the environment?  If you do, you are probably someone who is interested in a green, sustainable approach to turf care. 

Mycorrhizae Photo Source: Biomedcentral

One of the most studied and beneficial aids to sustainable, environmentally friendly lawn care are mycorrhizae.  Over 48 thousand studies are published on the benefits of these friendly fungi on plants and many specifically focused on turf grass.

Lawns are a little like icebergs.  Most of the action goes on under the surface.  About 5o% to 80% of the turf’s growth and energy activity takes place where no one sees.  You can put this energy to work by using mycorrhizae in your soil.  Using mycorrhizae produces lawns that are healthy and more vigorous.

You may be saying myco-what?   Mycorrhizae aren’t  some invention or genetically engineered ‘miracle’ product.  Mycorrhizae are a specific family of fungus.  They are all natural and organic.  Mycorrhizae have been instrumental to the growth and survival of plants, including grasses, for millions of years

So what does mychorrhizae do?
Mycorrhizal fungi form symbiotic relationship between itself and the host plant.    The mycorrhizae grow filaments called hyphae.  These attach themselves to the roots of the grass, extending out into the soil.  A teaspoon of soil that has mycorrhizae can have miles of hyphae filaments.  The filaments then extend out in a network from the grass roots into the soil, effectively extending the reach of water and nutrients to the roots of the turf grass exponentially.

In addition the hyphae filaments hold soils together.  This action improves the porosity and soil structure.  This in turn, helps the turf grass roots grow more vigorously and become established much more quickly than grass that does not have this boost. 

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