Go Green – Decorate with Plants to Improve Sustainability Indoors

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Often we focus all of our gardening efforts outdoors, and when winter comes we turn our interests in other directions. 

There is new evidence though, that bringing the outdoors in with plants can be not only beautiful, but healthful.  There is a solid case for the benefit of decoration with indoor gardening that adds to sustainable living.

For a long time indoor gardeners have known that plants bring happiness and health to a home but research in recent years has been testing the benefits of plants in the indoor environment.   The proof is in -- decorating with plants is an ideal way to go green.   

The results from around the planet are pouring in with evidence that plants improve life indoors, and that they provide real health benefits and major environmental improvements.  In Norway, Holland, Australia, England and the United States, just to name a few,  scientific articles have been published recently on the role plants in health, especially indoors.

In modern times life can be enormously stressful.  During studies on the workplace it has been shown that plants reduce stress, improve morale and reduce the number of days workers miss due to illness.  That’s quite a discovery, and certainly applicable to our home environments as well. 

Bundling up some of your garden plants for bringing indoors, such as geraniums and Gerber daisies will not only brighten your home this winter, but also help you feel better. Common houseplants also are great benefactors.

Exotic plants that would not be recommended for outdoor use (because of their seriously invasive natures), such as English ivy, turn into major health helpers indoors.  The underside of their leaves releases a lot of oxygen and the plants are very beneficial for removing pathogens from the air.

Some other health benefits?  Up to a 50% reduction of airborne mold and up to a 20% dust reduction will be a welcome result of having houseplants.   In winter, plants also increase interior humidity to a healthy 30% to 60%, resulting in fewer colds.


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