Feng Shui Elements for Your Outdoor Room

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Although it is a relatively new technique in the west, Feng Shui has been practiced in the Eastern Cultures for centuries.  Feng Shui got its start in China and it is fast becoming a recognized way to create beautiful, peaceful spaces, both indoors and out. 

Feng ShuiFeng Shui carefully balances five elements to create a harmonious whole.  A delicate blending of Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood & Water together in the outdoor room completes the cycle of life in a given space.  This allows more Chi, (also spelled qi), or life force to move around the immediate environment.  Since the five elements are also resident in our bodies, utilizing Feng Shui can bring a feeling of deep healing and of well being to those using the space.

When planning an outdoor room using the principles of Feng Shui you will want to choose furnishings, colors, shapes, structures and materials that complement one another.  Choose one or more additions to your outdoor room from the objects that represent the five Feng Shui elements that may be currently lacking. 


Most outdoor rooms already have plenty of Wood elements provided by trees and plants, and perhaps the flooring.  You can complement these in the Feng Shui way by adding some furniture or accessories that will represent the other four elements. 
For that Feng Shui touch, fountains, wind chimes, mobiles, containers, trellises, cushions, statuary and art are all easy items to find in several different elements.  You can mix and match them to provide balance.   They are also movable to allow you flexibility.  Often you must experiment to find what exactly will make your space comfortable. 

The Feng Shui elements listed on the next page will allow you to harmonize and energize your space. 

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