Combining Feng Shui Elements

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FountainCombining two or more Feng Shui elements can be harmonious, such as adding a stone fountain, which combine Metal and Water.  Fire and Metal blend well, as do Wood and Water.  A glass topped wrought iron table would be a perfect example of another harmonious Feng Shui pairing. 

You can also use the colors and shapes to vary the presentation of the Feng Shui elements.  Planting yellow and red flowers for example are a wonderful way to blend Earth and Fire.  Pansies in blue, purple and white would blend Wood and Water according to Feng Shui principles.  

What’s Hot and What’s Not

There are elements that don’t mix very well, such as Fire and Water, and Wood and Fire, so keep this in mind if you decide to combine elements.  If they don’t blend well in nature, then they don’t blend well in Feng Shui.

You can experiment with moving various combinations around the space.  Your inner senses often can tell you what feels right once you have a basic understanding of the various properties of the Five Elements of Feng Shui.   Have fun as you create your own oasis of nurturing space.

Outdoor Chair


Clay pots or clay sculpture
Brick, tile, concrete pavers
Shapes:  Rectangles, squares
Colors:  Yellows, Earth tones


Metal patio furniture (aluminum, cast iron)
Metal fences or metal statues
Stone, rocks or sand
Shapes:  Symmetrical curved forms, circles, ovals, arches
Colors:  White, Pastels


Candles or electric illumination
Chimneys or fireplaces
Hibachis or barbecues
Wildlife or household pets
Garden art or statuary showing people or animals
Shapes:  Triangles, cones
Colors:  Red


Fountains, ponds or waterfalls
Highly reflective surfaces such as gazing balls or mirrors
Shapes:  Free form or asymmetrical objects
Colors:  Black or Dark tones, such as navy or indigo


Wooden, rattan or wicker outdoor furniture
Wood decks or fences
Floral print or striped fabrics
Shapes:  Columns, tall and thin shapes
Colors:  Blues, greens, reds


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