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Hypertufa Creations

Hypertufa is cement based modeling material used for crafting decorative outdoor accessories. Working with hypertufa is a wonderful way to create meaningful and personal outdoor art and accessories.  The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination.  You can make planting pots and troughs, sculpture, whimsical creatures, wall bricks, garden rocks, patio pavers, decorative wall accents…you name it.

Hypertufa is very popular because it is lightweight as compared to stone and concrete.  You can move it around more easily for your garden designing and depending on the recipe you use, it can last for years.

Essential steps for hypertufa success
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If hypertufa is new to you, the key is to start small and keep it simple.  A decorative stepping stone (not for foot traffic) or a small planter would be ideal learning projects.

Make sure you have all your materials ready before you start the project. Hypertufa is more time forgiving than concrete, but preparedness is everything in insuring your project will be its best.  Once you add the water, you don’t have time to run to the store for something you forgot.  Following Santa’s advice, make your list, and check it twice.

Supply Checklist

__Portland cement


__sphagnum peat moss

 __rubber or other waterproof gloves

__mold or form for your creation

 __small shovel for mixing  

__trowel or small shovel for mixing  

__dust mask

__plywood  to carrying the project on    

__plastic bags for lining molds

__waterproof mixing trough or wheelbarrow    

 __cover to protect work area

__water and measuring cup      

 __black plastic sheeting or black bags

__duct tape

__heat lamp (optional)

__ misting bottle


Optional Materials



__concrete colorant (optional)

__shredded bark mulch




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