Punch Up Your Patio with Color

Gradient Line
Blue Patio Chaise Lounge

Does your patio have a serious case of the blah’s.  Does it feel bland or boring?  Overcrowded and busy? 

Sometimes the solution to these problems is as simple as color.


Color is simply amazing for changing the look and feel of your patio.  Color has been shown to affect a person’s mood.  Different personality types have different favorite colors.  Color brings a space alive, or makes a space feel disorganized and drab.  Yes, color on the patio holds the same value that it does indoors and a check-up of your current patio color palette may bring about the very changes you need to make your patio more relaxing and stylish.

What color currently predominates on your patio?  Does it create the mood you are looking for?  If the colors are harmonious and you are careful how many colors you use on patio decor you will find color changes will make a big difference in how you will experience the patio space.


However, you may need to think of color in a new way for the outdoors.  For example, you must take into account the flooring and wall colors, even if you don’t think of them as walls and floors.  In the photo above the dominant color is the warm neutral brick tone.  These represent the walls and floor of the outdoor room.  The wood of the window sills and chaise lounges are also in warm neutral earth tones. 

If the decorator above had chosen pastel cushions and accessories the space would be feel relaxed, but lost in the strong neutral hues.  Floral ones would make the space feel busy and less organized.  However, the single color, bold, royal blue cushions and planters are a bright cool color accent that gives the space that touch of color to make it pop. 


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