Four Unique Takes on Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

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Maku Furnishings creates beautiful teak furniture made with reclaimed, sustainable plantation grown woods.  Each piece of teak is kiln dried and checked for flaws before being hand crafted into some truly exquisite designer furniture. 
Patio Furniture
Maku’s slogan “Sustainable furniture for a modern world” reflects their commitment to the environment and providing a sustainable living for the Indonesian craftsmen that create these unique pieces.   Maku is a member of the 1% for the Planet organization and the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

Teak is highly prized for it’s very dense but light wood, it’s golden honey color and it’s high resistance to decay, warping, swelling and shrinkage.  Teak furniture can be left outdoors without concern with minimal maintenance because of the wood’s high oil content.. This makes teak sustainable not only in it’s manufacture but also in care after purchase.
Outdoor Dining TableFor more information or to purchase Maku products visit them at

Parish Furniture reduces the need to harvest standing wood by salvaging black palm and other woods from the forest floor.  Working with Peruvian artisans and Peru’s federal forestry (to insure compliance and continued sustainability), Parish Furniture has come up with some elegant solutions for outdoor decor.
Chaise PonaThey call their approach ‘sustainopreneurship’ in that they are building community, working with sustainable materials and creating sustainable enterprise for the artisans to improve their lives and that of their children.  Parish Furniture is 100% owned by a not for profit corporation founded to establish community building projects in Peru.

Outdoor Table and Chairs
Parish Furniture runs all their operations from Peru, but you can contact them through a US telephone number.  For purchase information call (404) 806-7052 or visit them on the web at

Viva Terra is an eco-friendly firm out of Pueblo, CO dedicated to environmentally sound, sustainable, elegant, organic, hand crafted products for a living earth.  What’s not to like?

Folding Wooden Outdoor Chair

They have created whimsical outdoor furnishings exclusive to Viva Terra out of repurposed wine casks.  Unique and interesting in design these pieces are at home in any outdoor setting. 

This barrel stave chair is not only comfortable, it folds for easy portability and storage.


Wine Barrel Table

Looking for the ingenious?  This wine barrel stave table is make from a single oak cask.  Each piece is lovingly hand crafted and finished with a linseed oil rub for laugh-at- the-rain easy care sustainability.

Viva Terra offers several different kinds of outdoor furniture, from tables to Adirondack chairs all make from sustainable or repurposed products.

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