Top Tips for an Outdoor Room

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Outdoor Room

A functional, attractive outdoor room can be the highlight of your landscape.  Creating a well designed leisure space, whether it is a patio or deck or garden room, increases your outdoor pleasure, makes entertaining more fun and adds to the value of your home. 

Of course, your goal of going green at home is very important, especially when it comes to making permanent changes and upgrades in your home improvements.  So, how do you transform a plain patio or dreary deck, or even start from scratch to build an inviting an outdoor room to be proud of, and still stay sustainable?  

Here are some tips to get you going green on your outdoor room.

Think walls, floor and ceiling.  An outdoor room has walls, a floor and a ceiling, as do indoor rooms, although they may take different forms.  The important thing is that they serve to separate your area from the rest of the world.   Floors aren’t too difficult to conceive, but walls and ceilings sometimes provide more of a challenge.  

You can be creative with walls.  Some corner posts are almost a must, but you can use lattice, plant a vertical garden or hang a simple bamboo shade to provide the privacy that walls offer. 

An umbrella or awning overhead might be all you need for a ceiling in a drier climate, or you might opt for a serious roof to keep you from the elements in a region with significant precipitation.  No matter what your particular needs, you will find all kinds of green products to help you create that enclosed feel.




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