Top Tips for an Outdoor Room (continued)

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Utilize existing structures.   When deciding where to locate your outdoor room, attaching it to the house is a logical choice, since it gives at least one immediate wall, but you can also think outside the box. 

A retaining wall or side of a garage will do nicely as well if you have an accessible, usable space there.  Using walls or floors that you already have saves you time and money and allows you to focus more of your available resources on creating a cozy feel for your room.

Find a place that is convenient to existing utilities, walkways and other landscape elements such as gardens.  Work with what is already there.  Electricity, gas lines for a barbeque and water will all be important to the comfort and maintenance of your new space.  Being close to your gardens cuts down on additional landscape requirements, and lets you enjoy the work you have already done.  Your outdoor room will be more usable and cost effective if you don’t have to move these to accommodate your plans. 

Outdoor Room Plans

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Develop a sequential plan. Think for the long term.  Doing everything at once is not always feasible.  To keep within your available time and budget, it might be necessary to realize your plan in stages. 

If you have a sequential plan, you will be able to work from the large and general expenditures to the smaller and specific tasks, and not worry about having the resources to finish the job.  Nothing could be greener.


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