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Oxydendrum Arboreum
Sourwood/Oxydendrum arboreum
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Going green with your landscape is anything but boring.  All you need to succeed is a little know-how. One of the distinguishing factors between ‘ho-hum’ and ‘oh, wow’ is the way your landscape transitions through all the seasons.  There are trees that can provide all season delight with their transformations every season. 

A careful selection of trees will go a long way to helping you achieve a beautiful landscape with each passing season.  There are times when the tree’s architecture, contrast color in varying hues, flowers, form, foliage (or lack of it), and fruit that persists will be the highlight. 

Trees usually represent the biggest investment in the landscape and the most permanent one.  You can get the most for your time and money by including some trees that provide ornamental interest during spring, summer, fall and winter.   Planting all season trees gives your yard a leg up.  It can look great look during all the seasonal changes throughout the year without any extra work. 

With these all season trees you will always have something interesting happening.   And when it comes to landscapes, a little change is a good thing.

Greener Tree Choices You Will Love

When looking at choices for your all season trees, you have many to choose from.  Nurseries abound with ornamental and shade trees that fit the all season bill.  When going green however, native trees are the most sustainable, most practical, most cost effective, and easiest to grow trees around.  Not only that, you sacrifice nothing in the way of variety and beauty.  Native trees rival any exotic on the market today for outstanding all season interest.

By planning ahead you can choose native ornamental and shade trees to complement your home, and each other in a harmonious and ever-changing variety of features. The following all season trees can bring year round drama to your landscape and lift it from mundane to marvelous.


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