Go Native!

Beautiful Native Plants Provide Nurturing Gardens and Landscapes With That Certain Touch of Green

dwarf crested irisThe United States has a marvelous bounty of gorgeous native plants, which are often overlooked as garden specimens.  But today that trend is changing.  From delicate bleeding hearts to blazing red maples, from exquisite American Beautyberry with it’s three season interest to the Virginia Sweetspire with it’s gracefully arching branches and brilliant fall color, gardeners across the nation are discovering, and falling in love with, plants native to their region. 

They are finding just how beautiful, practical and economical native plants are, making them the perfect sustainable partners for the green garden and landscape.  Using natives in your garden will never be lackluster. Many kinds of native plants are showy rivals to any other horticultural beauties, and every garden can benefit with their inclusion. 

Going green with native plants is as easy as it is beautiful, and finding reasons to use them isn’t difficult.  Native plants are well adapted to where you live. Because they are adapted to the characteristics of a particular region, such as the climate, rainfall, soils, frost and drought, they are more rugged and better able to stand extremes than their cultivated cousins.

Native plants are far better for the environment.   They are easier to grow and maintain and are less susceptible to unwanted pests.  Once established they require far less maintenance, fertilizer and pesticides and water.  Because of their root structure, native plants are superior in holding soil and preventing erosion.  Also, by including native plants in your garden and landscape you can draw a wider range of birds and beneficial insects to your land.  You will be increasing the biodiversity of your land and wider community.

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