Shade Loving Native Plants of the
United States & Canada

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Turks Cap Lily

Lilium martagon ,Turks Cap Lily 
Photo Credit:  Markus Koljonen

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Flowers for shady spots have been a concern for gardeners for a long time. There is a myth that there are few choices when it comes to flowers that will grow in the shade.  Well, nothing could be further from the truth! 

In fact there are literally hundreds of beautiful, colorful, shade loving plants that are low maintenance delights to grow in each region of the United States and Canada.  

These full to partial shade lovers are not from some exotic clime.  They are beautiful flowers native to your area.  These lovable shade dwellers may not be familiar to you, and small wonder.

With native flower common names like ‘Skunk Leaf,’ ‘Black Bugbane,’ and ‘Broom Snakeweed’ we tend to rush right past these plants that sound like they will be ugly to get to flowers with pretty names, and lots of media coverage, that we can be proud to say in public. 

Too bad marketing for native flowers wasn’t really an incentive for the pioneers in olden days.  We might have come up with more appealing labels for our beautiful native flowers.  But, prepare for a pleasant surprise as you see the wide range and variety of easily accessible native shade loving flowers.  

The shade lovers we profile here are well adapted to your local conditions in a way no fancy sounding horticultural variety or rare tropical specimen will ever achieve.  They embody the true meaning of low maintenance.  Less watering, little fertilizing and fewer diseases are some of the benefits native flowers provide.

Don’t believe it?  Well, to whet your appetite here is representative sampling from every region of 11 made for the shade species.  Each one is commercially available, either in seed or plant form.

We think you will agree that it’s time to put native flowers for shady places in the spotlight.

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