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Lilium philadelphicum, L. Wood Lily

Lilium philadelphicum L., Wood lily
Photo Credit:  Dave Loome/Photobucket

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philadelphicum, L.
Wood Lily

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USDA Zones:  3 - 8

Shade tolerance: Shade,  Part Shade

Moisture: Medium Dry

Height: 1’ – 3’

Propagation: Nursery bulbs

Widely ranged over the United States and Canada, this delightful lily is a cheery addition to any shade garden. 

The six petaled flowers form in clusters of 1-5 on an erect stem.  The color range is rom orange to red with blooms from July to August. 

The perennial wood lily is found in woodlands and clearings in the wild.  As beautiful as they are, wood lilies are not good cutting flowers.  They curl up and wither shortly after picking.

Since there are many regional varieties of wood lilies, it is best to check with your local native plant society to make sure you are planting ones that are native to your area.

Wood lilies are classified as a special concern in some areas and range up to endangered in others.  In most areas they are considered rare and collection is illegal in many places. 

Since wood lilies are commercially available, they will be welcome conservation plants as well as giving that splash of color in the summer shade.

Growth requirements:  Adequate drainage is mandatory for wood lilies.  Protect from hot sun in the afternoon.  Not recommended for clay soils.

Benefits:  Attracts hummingbirds.

Care and Maintenance: 

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