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Aruncus dioicus, Goat's Beard, Bride's Feathers
Aruncus dioicus , Goat’s Beard,
Bride’s Feathers
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Aruncus dioicus
Goat’s Beard,
Bride’s  Feathers

Native Distribution Map

USDA Symbol:  ARDI8. 

USDA Zones:  3 - 8

Shade tolerance: Shade,

Part Shade

Moisture:  Evenly moist

Height:  24-36 Inches

Propagation: Bedding plants, plugs, root division

Aruncus dioicus,also known as Goat’s Beard or Bride’s Feathers in various parts of the country is a fantastic perennial that loves shady conditions.

The tall, feathery spikes rise up to 3 feet in height, making them a dramatic backdrop for smaller perennial plantings. 

Aruncus is a member of the rose family and forms a shrub-like mass of foliage that is reminiscent of astilbe.  Aruncus is seldom damaged by deer making it a good edge planting near woodlands.

Goat’s Beard is suitable for rain gardens, or those shady side gardens that can be difficult to plant. 

Aruncus is widely recommended as an alternative to the highly invasive exotic, Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum, P. japonicum).

Growth requirements – Aruncus likes rich, average to moist soils.  It has medium growth rate and this plant does not like to be moved. 

Give Aruncus plenty of room because it gets wider as it matures.  Prefers neutral to slightly acidic pH, and will tolerate occasional flooding, but not consistently waterlogged soil.

Benefits:  Aruncus is highly ornamental.  Attracts butterflies, and is the larval host to the Dusky Azure butterfly.  Long lived cut flower.

Care and Maintenance: 

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