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Campanulastrum Americanum (L.), American Bellflower, Tall Bellflower
Campanulastrum americanum (L.) American Bellflower, Tall Bellflower

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Campanulastrum americanum (L.)
American Bellflower,
Tall Bellflower

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USDA Symbol:

USDA Zones:  4 - 7

Shade tolerance: Shade, Part Shade

Moisture:  Moist

Height:  3’ – 6’

Propagation: Bedding plants, plugs, root division

The Tall or American Bellflower is a lovely shade garden candidate.  This plant loves rich, moist soils.  It blooms from mid-summer to early fall in shades of blue and purple. 

This colorful biennial self-sows freely and will be a low maintenance addition to your garden.  To call Campanulastrum americanum a bellflower is a misnomer because the flower is not bell-shaped at all, but flat.  It has five pointed petals and a pale ring around a large, curved central style.

Hummingbirds love the American Bellflower because of its nectar, and adult butterflies are often interested, if the plant is in a location that receives some sun.

American Bellflower is considered seriously threatened over a range from New York to Louisiana, making it a wonderful conservation plant as well as a backdrop beauty.

Growth requirements:  Campanulastrum americanum requires soil that is rich with organic matter.  Even moisture is best, but only requires an average amount of water.  It prefers a near neutral pH (6.8-7.2) and has a moderate tolerance of calciferous soils.

Benefits:  The American Bellflower is highly ornamental in masses.  Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.  Excellent cut flower.

Care and Maintenance:

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